RE at Broomhaugh

RE at Broomhaugh
Broomhaugh First is a Church of England School. The R.E. curriculum is designed to support the aims and structure of the Anglican Church. From EYFS to Year 4, we follow the Understanding Christianity Project which allows the children to continually learn and re-visit strands of "The Big Freeze". One third of our R.E. lessons are dedicated to the teaching and learning of other major religions around the world as well as studying non-religious worldviews. 
Our curriculum consists of three overlapping element which are: Making sense of beliefs, Understanding the impact, and Making connections. We focus on religious literacy and all R.E lessons are delivered in a creative and engaging way.


The curriculum, alongside our strong Church School ethos enables our children to build an informed and respectful view of the many different religious and non-religious views.


Collective Worship 

Collective worship at  Broomhaugh is fully inclusive and invitational. We take lessons from the Bible on subjects such as perseverance, trust, love, forgiveness, gratitude and justice, and apply this to our everyday lives. We also consider and talk about current world events as a call to action, inviting the children to consider how they can make a difference in the world. Worship gives all our children the space and time to reflect and communicate with God and Jesus in ways that are meaningful to them. We are blessed to live within such a wonderful local community and we work closely with St. James' Church Trinity Team who can be found regularly within school. Songs and hymns are a valuable aid to worship allowing us to express ourselves and help to focus our attention on the goodness and glory of God’s word.