Fitter Future

Fitter Future is an online programme that offers a holistic approach to well-being that looks after the physical and mental well-being of children.
All of the programmes are created by teachers, tested by children and suitable for classes of any size.
There is a section called GET ACTIVE where you can workout via videos which show lots of different workouts to choose from. 
There is also a section called BE MINDFUL where there are videos to help with mindfulness. 
Finally there is a MONTHLY CHALLENGE where a challenge suitable for all the family is set. 
During COVID-19 all of your children have free home access to Fitter Future: Get Active and Fitter Future: Be Mindful.
To access the programme visit and select SIGN IN followed by STUDENT. Please use the login details below:
Username: broomhaugh
Password: broomhaugh
The platform is not designed for multi users with the same login details but due to the current situation it is easier to give every child in the school the same username and password rather than generate one per child.
With this in mind please can you and your child not change the password.
Don't forget to 'sign out' at the end of your workout too. 
If you are having trouble signing into Fitter Future please sign up directly with us for a (free) account personalised to you by clicking here or visiting and selecting FAMILY