Year 2 SATs

Between Monday 11th May and Friday 15th May your child will be taking part in Year 2 (end of Key Stage 1) statutory assessments called standard attainment tests (SATs).

It is important that your child takes part in the assessments so please make sure that they attend school between the 11 th and 15 th May unless they are ill. If your child is ill in this period please inform us as soon as possible as we will endeavour to make alternative arrangements.

Please be assured that the SATs take place for the children without any pressure. The children are used to tackling SATS papers and questions as they form part of assessment which regularly takes place throughout the year. We have found in the past that the children usually enjoy SATs time in school as we usually incorporate some extra fun activities and treats of biscuits and juice between the papers. Please support us with this by not expressing concern or any worry about the SATs at home.

Teacher assessment The test score is not the final ‘judgement’ of your child’s attainment but is used to feed into an overall assessment. It is the teacher assessment (comprised mainly from work completed throughout the year) that is taken as the final judgement and this will be reported to you in their end of year report.

You can continue to support your children by reading daily, practising common exception words, reading the time and multiplication/division facts.


Here are some websites that maybe of interest


If you would like to see some SATS materials please follow the link below for past