History at Broomhaugh

In History our provision is designed to allow our children to develop their understanding of links between themselves and others. We want our children to think like historians and to reason and explore connections between the past and the present. From this they are able learn from actions and outcomes of the past and think about how this impact their lives.

We offer a structure and sequence of lessons to help teachers ensure they have covered the skills required to meet the aims of the national curriculum. The content we have chosen is underpinned by 7 key concepts in primary History: Chronology, Continuity and Change, Cause and Effect, Significance, Historical Perspectives, Historical Evidence and Interpretation.  

Our curriculum gives our children an excellent knowledge of people and events from different historical periods and an understanding of historical concepts and processes. We want our children to have the ability to communicate differently for a range of audiences, taking consideration that different people in the past had different experiences and views from each other and ourselves e.g. traditions, culture, beliefs, values and motivations.

We will help our children to make interpretations of the past based on different pieces of evidence and sources, to draw inferences, whilst supporting, evaluating and challenging their own views and those of others. We will ask and investigate questions, using evidence, about people and events from the past. We will strive to create a deep interest and passion to study the different ways in which the past has been represented and to understand why people interpret the past in different ways.