School Council

Spring 2
This is going to be a busy one!
We're starting off with a joint meeting with the eco council to review the school grounds and the action plan we created for school improvement. We'll then support with our 'rainbow cake sale' to support our chosen charity 'Tanga Club.' We'll then help to organise World Book Day at Broomhaugh as well as interviewing and employing playground buddies. And that's just the things we already know about. We'll continue to ask and listen to everyone's voice in school and find ways to make it an even better place to be!
Spring 1
We're going to start researching our chosen charity and begin raising money ... watch this space!
Autumn Term 2
Thanks to school council who have supported our poppy appeal. They gave up time each day to sell the different goodies. They were an absolute credit to our school.
Meeting 2: Play time review/Chosen charity
We reviewed how play time routines are being followed well and that the new equipment has been well received. School Council would like to bring back a buddy system but maybe call it play squad?
Discussions around charity. Key question to discuss in classes before the next school council meeting - would we like to continue with events like Children In Need or would we like to chose a local children's charity to support throughout the year?
Meeting 1: Positive Playgrounds
We have decided we would like to develop our play time experiences. We would like to begin with having some 'ball free' play time in order to explore other play opportunities. Tuesday and Thursday will now be 'ball free!'
Mrs Paterson/Miss Dobson will lead some play based activities  every Thursday. This was so popular last year, we can't wait to join in again this year.
Choir and garden club will begin soon and we can't wait to build up our bank of play time resources.
If you have anything you think would help, then please speak to your school councillor or Mrs Burton.
Read our full meeting minutes below.