Our learning gallery

AUTUMN 2...... I wonder what is going on out there?
Our learning will cover seasonal changes, autumn festivals, Stanley's stick and of course ....... Christmas!
We now have forest school during the school day with Anna and we're learning so much. We love hanging in the hammock, camouflaging ourselves in new places and working as a team on many different challenges.
Stirring up the Christmas pudding ...... can't wait to eat it!
We found some sticks and used our imagination to bring them to life....... what did your stick become?
We learned a rap to help us remember the road safety rules.
Week one was all about Dark nights and Autumn lights as we learned all about Diwali. We made Rangoli patterns in different places and created our very own version of the demon king Ravana. We made bridges to help find Sita and left jewel trails for Rama to follow. The problem solving and communication between the children was fabulous! The children loved finding out about the different Diwali celebrations and then linked this to celebrations in their own families. We ended the week learning about Bonfire night and the gunpowder plot. Lots of wonderful firework pictures and patterns soon followed. Another lovely week of learning in reception!
Check here regularly for updates of the children's journey through reception!
Autumn 1 ..... I wonder why I'm special?
Just a little sample of what we got up to in our first week at school ......
Week 2 involved banana phones, mud kitchens, play-dough and wedding ceremonies ..... all initiated by the children themselves!
Week 3 was full of music and movement! We thought week 2 was good but then along came week 3!
First Forest School Fun!
Our first Harvest Festival!
Awesome autumn memories from stunning sunflowers to our brightest clothes! 
Celebrating Black History month with Nigerian Kente cloths, learning about Rosa Parks and thinking about her legacy. We ended the day recreating the work of Alma Woodsey Thomas by carrying out the skittles activity - fantastic discussions about what they saw and what might happen. They were shocked to see that the skittles were all different colours on the outside but inside were all the same! Some children then went on to create their own print version of her work with others working collaboratively in the tuff spot!
Our final week has been all about the 'B's ...... bread, books and bikes!
Book making to retell the story of the little red hen, whizzing around on our bikes during wheely week and finally making and tasting bread from around the world!
School lunch was so much fun today! Thank you everyone.