Booking and Making Payments

Yvonne issues monthly bills to families at the end of each month based on the sessions taken that month.
Payments can be made using child care vouchers as well as cash payments.
From September 2020 if you wish to pay via an online payment you can request a parent pay invoice from Mrs Walsh in the school office. All the relevant information to make payments will be outlined on your bill.
From Autumn 2 2020, invoices will be prepared in advance and payments requested upfront for the coming term. Unfortunately cancelled places will no longer be able to be refunded. We need to staff the provision on expected numbers and with late cancellations the provision is in danger of making a loss.
If additional sessions are needed and we have the capacity we will always aim to meet the needs of all families. Additional sessions should be paid for when booked or if you are paying via vouchers the sessions can be added onto the invoice for the following half term. 
Families will be given the option to pay in two instalments but we hope to just issue one invoice per half term moving forward following October 2020 final monthly bill.