Welcome to Year 2 and Activities

Welcome to Year 2! I am so excited that I get to be your teacher again next year!
Mrs Curtis, Mrs Dickinson and Miss Dobson will be working with us too, as well as Mrs Gray (we are so lucky!)!
We have so many exciting things planned for you...we're going to knock everyone's socks off with our fabulous learning!
Sit back...relax...and enjoy your welcome to Year 2 video!
Creative Task - follow the link below.
This will take you to a 'How To Draw...' page by Liz Pichon (the famous author of the Tom Gates books).
1. Follow the instructions to draw the famous character Tom Gates in the style of Liz Pichon.
2. Try again, but this time change some details (e.g. the hairstyle, the name along the top) so it's a self-portrait of you in the style of Liz Pichon's drawings!
And...something extra for those who would like to be super creative!