P.E. Activities and Challenges from Mr Thompson

A very important part of staying fit and healthy in both body and mind is to GET ACTIVE, even in lockdown!
As well as doing P.E. signposted on our learning menus such as Joe Wicks and Cosmic Yoga, we have our very own sports coach Mr Thompson!
We know how much you all love Mr Thompson's P.E. lessons so from this week, he is going to create a weekly video covering a wide range of different sports and challenges.
Mr Thompson has designed the sessions for the pupils that are working from home.  All of the sessions will require limited space and not many resources . The sessions will be alternated between working outdoors / indoors.   
Maybe you could take a short video or photograph of you in action and send it to your teacher via school360. The whole family could even get involved! 
Have fun and we look forward to hearing about how you get on and of course how much you improve. 
Video 1. 
This weeks activity is a Fun Fitness circuit with some multi-sports aspects. 
  • circuit consists of 9 different activities
  • 2 minutes on each activity 
  • must keep points as explained in video 
  • 1 minute rest / change over time between each activity
  • after completion of the circuit, add your points up and then try and improve on your overall total the day after. 
I understand not everybody will have the equipment that I was using, please think of different materials/ resources that you could use as a substitute such as-
  • instead of the hoops you may use twigs and jump in between the gaps
  • if you don't have a tennis ball you may use some paper or even use some socks and turn them into the shape of a ball. 
Video 2 - Close catching skills 
Agility Activity
Video 6 - Athletics: Standing Long Jump