Parent Information - Class Procedures

Dear Parents,
Below are the documents we have sent you via Parentmail for your reference.
Socially distancing all the children is not realistic or honestly achievable 100% of our time in school.
Children will socialise within their group and have contact with a limited numbers of adults.
WE REALLY NEED YOUR SUPPORT to ensure as adults you totally observe the social distancing measures in place at drop off and pick up - you have been given entrance and exit routes on site but we hope all adults in and around the building will use common sense and their own observations to ensure no gathering or close prolonged contact is encountered by any adults.
Parents should not enter the building and contact with staff should be minimal.
As you can appreciate some of our staff have moved from isolating with only immediate family to now coming into contact with colleagues, a group of children and if all parents approach, a large group of adults. What ever your view on social distancing please help us minimise our contact points as adults.
We thank you in advance.