Governors Visits

As part of the Governing Body role, Governors make visits in school from time to time.  They can be looking at many varied aspects of school life from Health & Safety to subject specific areas.  There is an ongoing rolling programme of Governor Visits.  Visits are normally carried out by Governors in pairs and they record the notes of their visit and present their Reports to the full Governing Body.  Recent visits have included Health & Safety throughout the school environment and Computing.  Governos will be shortly visiting school to look at the quality of 'talk' in the classroom and assessment methods being used now that Levels are no longer in place. 


Summary notes from Computing Report:

"From what we have seen the school is meeting its responsibilities in delivering the computing part of the National Curriculum.  The ICT Coordinator felt that the new Curriculum had had a positive effect through raisig the profile with Computing and ensuring that there was the time to focus on important skills."


The Governors looked at such aspects of e-safety, resources, teacher development in Computing as well as looking at activities being carried out in classrooms.  As this is part of the School Development Plan and a new Curriculum, Governors will continue to monitor this.