Governor Elections 2021

I’m delighted to say that we have had four amazing candidates come forward for the position of Parent Governor. Unfortunately, we only have one space at this time, so we need to have a vote. All candidates have written an account of themselves explaining their reasons for wishing to join the board and shared some personal information about themselves to inform the vote.

We ask that parents take the time to choose the person they would most like to see on the board and vote once using the form that has been sent home, returning these to the School Office by Wednesday 6th October by 5pm. We will announce the results of the vote by Friday 8th October.

We ask that you include your name on the form as we cannot take anonymous votes. All forms will be stored securely and destroyed after the election has concluded.

Elisabeth Charman

Co-Chair Broomhaugh and Corbridge Church of England First School Federation Governing Body